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June 15, 2005

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2005-06-15   DSC_5175

At the reception preceeding the meeting guests take a few minutes to meet and greet while enjoying apetizers and beverages courtesy of Jerry Freeze and the Cozy.

The Main Street meeting on June 15, 2005 featured as special guestst, Kevin Baynes, Coordinator of the Main Street Maryland Program and Yvette Wilson, Internal Coordinator of Main Street Maryland.
Prior to the meeting Kevin and Yvette took a walking tour of our Main Street area.
 Guided by Commissioner Blakeslee the group visited several businesses and discussed our plans for Main Street.Follow the tour we meet at the Cozy for a reception and dinner meeting. During his remarks
 Mr. Baynes  spoke very highly of Thurmont’s commitment o the Main Street Program
 and announced that Thurmont had been awarded a $4,000.00 matching grant.
In addition to Kevin Baynes other speakers included:

 Jim Gangawere
Community Relations Manager,
 Frederick County Office of Economic Development

Martin A. Burns
Mayor, Town of Thurmont

Bill Blakeselee
Commissioner, Town of Thurmont

John Fieseler
Directory of Tourism, Frederick County

Donovan Hart
Jakubiak & Associates

Click on one of the thumbnails below to view more images from the meeting.

2005-06-15   DSC_5170


2005-06-15   DSC_5172


2005-06-15   DSC_5173


2005-06-15   DSC_5175


2005-06-15   DSC_5176


2005-06-15   DSC_5178


2005-06-15   DSC_5180


2005-06-15   DSC_5182


2005-06-15   DSC_5183


2005-06-15   DSC_5184


2005-06-15   DSC_5185


2005-06-15   DSC_5187


2005-06-15   DSC_5189


2005-06-15   DSC_5190


2005-06-15   DSC_5191


2005-06-15   DSC_5192


2005-06-15   DSC_5193


2005-06-15   DSC_5188


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