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Click above to find local businesses, services and products in the Online Business Directory.

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2010 Thurmont EDC & Main Street
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Colorfest 2011
This year marks the 48th Annual Colorfest!

October 8th & 9th, 2011
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Remember Friday October 7th is the day for
yard sales in and around Thurmont!

Catoctin Colorfest Application: Applications for the 2011 Colorfest will be available on the Catoctin Colorfest website ( in PDF format,  You may also receive an application by mail by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to Catoctin Colorfest, P.O. Box 33, Thurmont, MD 21788 with a short note requesting an application.

Catoctin Colorfest Scholarship Application: Scholarship applications in PDF format are now
available: Scholarship Form. ( )You may also receive
an application by mail by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to:
 Catoctin Colorfest, P..O. Box 33, Thurmont, MD 21788
 with a short note requesting a scholarship application.

Click here for the 2010 Colorfest Brochure in PDF format.
The 2011 brochure will be in late summer.

Looking for accomodations or other local atttractions?  Check our online
 Business Directory

Vendors, be sure to check back here for upocoming permit
information from the Town of Thurmont.

Colorfest Logo02

Click here for the official Catoctin Colorfest, Inc. web site.

Take a look at past Colorfest weekends.

Click on any image to view, you can then scroll through the images.

Colorfest Web  Colorfest 001

Colorfest Web  2002-10-13   PDRM0644

Colorfest Web  2002-10-13   PDRM0645

Colorfest Web  2002-10-13   PDRM0651

Colorfest Web  2002-10-13   PDRM0653

Colorfest Web  2002-10-13   PDRM0654

Colorfest Web  2002-10-13   PDRM0661

Colorfest Web  2002-10-13   PDRM0691

Colorfest Web  2003-10-11 DSC_4947

Colorfest Web  2003-10-11 DSC_4951

Colorfest Web  2003-10-11 DSC_4952

Colorfest Web  2003-10-11 DSC_4955

Colorfest Web  2003-10-11 DSC_4957

Colorfest Web  2004-10-09  DSC_1153

Colorfest Web  2004-10-09  DSC_1154

Colorfest Web  2004-10-09  DSC_1158

Colorfest Web  2004-10-09  DSC_1160

Colorfest Web  2004-10-09  DSC_1163

Colorfest Web  2004-10-09  DSC_1164

Colorfest Web  2004-10-09  DSC_1165

Colorfest Web  2004-10-09  DSC_1167

Colorfest Web  2004-10-09  DSC_1168

Colorfest Web  2004-10-09  DSC_1170

Colorfest Web  2004-10-09  DSC_1173

Colorfest Web  2004-10-09  DSC_1177

Colorfest Web  2004-10-09  DSC_1180

Colorfest Web  2004-10-09  DSC_1181

Colorfest Web  2004-10-09  DSC_1183

Colorfest Web  2004-10-09  DSC_1188

Colorfest Web  2004-10-10  DSC_1192

Colorfest Web  2004-10-10  DSC_1193

Colorfest Web  2004-10-10  DSC_1196

Colorfest Web  2004-10-10  DSC_1198

Colorfest Web  2004-10-10  DSC_1199

Colorfest Web  2004-10-10  DSC_1200

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