The album has photos of my father's Uncle Alec Kinnaird, his family, and his home. Alec, his wife, and daughter June lived in a beautiful stone house attached to the Brig O'Balgownie in Old Aberdeen. The two-story granite house had deep windowsills, and a smaller addition on the left end and sat on a cobblestone roadway on the banks of the River Dee. Alec had a small rowboat that we would take on adventures on the Dee, I remember helping bail water from the boat once before we could get in. Alec's wife had a garden between the house and the river, I remember her growing tall stalks of red rhubarb. Inside the house, she had a room with dolls and I remember one of the large dolls being in an old wheelchair, I also remember one of their cats jumping at me from a windowsill and being fearful of cats for a while.

Their house was connected by a stone wall to the massive approaches to the Brig O"Balgownie on the River Dee. The bridge has an amazing single Gothic arch with large buttresses supporting the approaches and is built of local granite with a cobblestone road bed. The bridge was built in the 1400s at the direction of King Robert the Bruce and served as the main crossing on the River Dee until the 'new' Dee Bridge was constructed in the late 1800s. Repairs have been made to the bridge several times over the years but the bridge still has the feel of a medieval structure.


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